Institute of Applied Systems & Rural Development (IASRD) is a development organization registered under the Societies Act,1860, in the year 1982. Since its inception, IASRD has been involved in many rural development projects, ranging from programmes like – protection of environment, propagation and promotion of Jatropha plantation,formulation and implementation of the Jatropha Plantation Project along PMGSY roads., formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs) and training thereof, women empowerment programmes and healthcare in rural areas amongst others. The Institute undertakes total consultancy in the bio-diesel production through Jatropha plantation, its promotion & its training, extraction of oil, setting up of bio-diesel plants and finally marketing through its network of offices in different modules.


    Rural Development.

    Promotional Programmes

    JATROPHA nursery

    jatropha nursery 

    Jatropha Curcas has been identified for India as the most suitable Tree Borne Oilseed (TBO) for production of bio-diesel both in view of the non-edible oil available from it and its presence throughout the country.

    bio-diesel plant

    Out of all available oil bearing seeds Jatropha seed is considered most suitable because 35% to 40% oil can be extracted from it which is highest amongst all oil bearing seeds in India. This is utilized as bio-diesel.

    rural developMent

    The primary objective of the Programme is to sensitize and encourage the students of 6th to 10th standards in the age group of 10 to 17 for active participation in mitigating the climate change.

    clean yamuna mission


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